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The ID War

Imagine a race of beings so powerful they could accomplish almost anything with a thought, with the mentality of spoilt children, and the opinion that ‘with great power comes great responsible’ applies only to those beneath them. Imagine a race so used to being the ultimate power and things going their way, that they won’t lift a finger even when their own existences is put at risk.
For the unthinkable has happened: one of their supposedly neutral brethren has decided to take sides in the petty war between good and evil, amassing an army to aid him in his path of… even he is not entirely sure what he seeks. And in his own deluded state he has underestimated the ambition and evil of those that have joined him. For some see him as a ally of convenience who will allow them to claim victory. And others simply wait for the opportunity to make his power their own.
So where does the multiverse turn when the forces of darkness gather for a war that will take place beyond the simple boundaries of Time and Space? They turn to the heroes that look like villains: the Night Rangers. The race is on to find the ancient artefacts known as the Matrix. It’s race that will take them to good places and bad places, and places that are best described as being completely ludicrous. This is the ID War and it has begun.

COE Final Reckoning

Mankind was not supposed to split the atom; Minion was not supposed to split his soul. And yet it happened and everything changed.
When Minion destroyed all existence, he thought it was over. Then the Rangers and their allies managed to reboot reality and Minion was sent to an eternity of torture. Except he didn’t, only part of Minion was left to be forced beneath a sea of lava. For in the explosion that restarted everything, Minion’s essence was shattered, creating alternate realities where the battle between the Rangers and Minion was replayed. And when that battle ended, the new universe was supposed to end.
But something else changed. An artefact that was supposed to supposed to have been left in the original universe, somehow ended up in one of the alternate realities, making its continued existence essential during an upcoming war. And when the ID War was over, events moved on, the universe fully stabilised as good and evil continued to fight in a war that could only lead to a final confrontation. This is the story of the Final Reckoning.

The Extras

What are the Extras? Simple enough, they’re potential back stories that don’t take necessarily place within the series. These stories are therefore provided on a read if you want, ignore if you wish basis.
And now, the stories.